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Shopping Centers Lahore

Information about Shopping Centers Lahore. Lahore is the heart of Pakistan and the city is called zinda delan-e Lahore. People from all over the country fond of seeing this city at least once a life. Shopping Centers Lahore are fond of tasty foods and shopping, even they are just crazy about shopping on special occasions. People who come to these shopping centers Lahore from other cities of Pakistan do shop and eat tasty foods of Lahore.

Idea comes to my mind by thinking about my brothers who come to this city from out of station and face problems about shopping because most of them are unaware about the shopping centers Lahore.

Shopping Centers Lahore Shopping Centers Lahore

In this post i am going to share with you famous Shopping Centers Lahore so that when you come to this city with your friends or family you will have enough information about shopping centers and bazaars.

Shopping Centers Lahore

Anarkali Bazaar

This is the most famous and busiest bazaar of Lahore. There is great and huge variety of clothes, shoes, watches, Jewelry, cosmetics and a lot more things. Specially, on occasions this bazaar is full of customers from around the Lahore. In the evening, this bazaar gives great feelings and entertainment. This bazaar is situated near Punjab University Old Campus on Mall Road Lahore.

Azam Market

If you are looking for variety of stitched and un-stiched dresses, Azam Market is the best place for you. This bazaar is situated on Shahra-e Quaid-e Azam Kashmiri Gate Lahore.

Ichra Cloth Market

All types of dresses for women, men, children and teenagers are available here in Ichra Clothe Market. This bazaar is situated on Feroz Pur Road Lahore near Ideal Science College.

Main Market

This is also very famous Bazaar and Market of Lahore. This market is situated in Gulberb so you may face high prices here, but no doubt this is very famous and attractive marketplace of Lahore.

Liberty Market

Very famous and have variety of businesses here. This is famous for men dresses, women dresses, shoes and there are also a lot well known hotels in Liberty Market.

Fortress Market

Different types of foods, variety of dresses specially for women and children, Ice cream, games for children are available here. This is full entertainment bazaar and shopping center. This market is situated in Fortress Stadium Lahore.

Hafiz Center

If you need to purchase computer its accessories, Cell phones, printers, LCDs or other related things you just need to approach Hafiz Center Lahore. This is situated on Jail Road.

Pace Shopping Mall

The largest market place of Lahore. Anything you need can shop here. Pace shopping mall is the neighbor of Hafiz Center.

Panorama Shopping Center

Very famous shopping centers Lahore, Specially teenager, school and college going students come here to shop wears. Dresses, shoes, belts, under garments, shirts, gents suits, ladies suits, watches and so on. Means you can shop everything you want on reasonable price. This is situated on Mall Road near Hall Road Lahore.

Kashmiri Bazaar

This is ancient and old shopping bazaar and it is situated inside the Dehli Gate Lahore.

Soha Bazaar

If you are interested to purchase or sell Gold. Soha bazaar is the best place for you. This bazaar has remarkable history in this city regarding Gold Market. This is situated in Rang Mehel Lahore.

Rang Mehel

This is actually hub of many bazaars in Lahore. There are many other small bazaars in it.

Choodi (Bangles) Bazaar

This bazaar is just like beautiful dream bazaar for the women. un-countable types and colors of bangles are available for girls and women. This bazaar is situated in near soha bazaar Lahore.

Tilla Bazaar

If you need to buy tilla, moti, embroidery wears, laces and everything related to the said items you won’t need to go anywhere else. Tilla Bazaar will fulfill your all needs. Its also situated near Choodi Bazaar.

Barkat Market

This is situated near Kalma Chowk on Jail Road Lahore. This is little market offering, food items, computer wear, clothes and some other shops.

Moon Market

Good for shopping. This is not a big market and neat and clean. If you have vehicle you can approach this market. Prices are little high as compare to other markets. This is situated in Gulberg.

Sarafa Bazaar

This is largest jewelry bazaar in Lahore. Every type of jewelry, low prices and high prices jewelry is available. If you visit you will see that you have a huge options and selections to purchase jewelry. This is situated in Rang Mehel Lahore.

Urdu Bazaar

Main market hub of books. All categories and subject books are available here. No other market is more famous regarding books in Pakistan. This is situated near Anarkali Bazaar Lahore.

Moti Bazaar

Specially of this bazaar is Chappals and Khussa. Colorful Khussa and chappals will attract you with great variety in it. This bazaar is situated in Rang Mehel.

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