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Visa Free Countries for Pakistani Passport 2013

There are 36 Visa Free Countries for Pakistani Passport 2013. The citizens of Pakistan has facility to enter 36 countries of the world without Visa and Pakistan has come to 90th number regarding visa facilities in the world.

List of Visa Free Countries for Pakistani Passport 2013

Visa Free Countries for Pakistani Passport 2013

In world visa ranking, Pakistan was in the last 10 countries in 2010 regarding visa facilities.

According to visa index report, England is on the number one and the citizens of England has permission to enter 166 countries without visa.

Pakistan citizens can enter in 36 countries without visa but no neighboring country in included in that list.

Regarding visa facilities, Denmark is on second, Sweden third and so on America is on seventh number.

Citizens of Denmark can enter in 164 countries without visa. Sweden citizens can enter 163 countries and American can enter in 153 countries of the world without visa and without any restriction.

In world raking, from Muslim countries, Malaysia is on number 13 and its citizens can enter into 133 countries without visa.

In world raking, India is on number 71 and its people can enter in 57 countries of the world without visa.


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  1. talha ramay

    I want to know that countries which frree visa for Pakistanis plz tel me 36 visa free countries for Pakistanis my I’d is talharamay49@gmail.com

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