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Top 12 Best Picnic Points / Places in Lahore

Top 12 Best Picnic Points / Places in Lahore

Top 12 Best Picnic Points / Places in Lahore – Lahore is heart of Pakistan and it has best picnic places has great attraction for visitors. There are many historical places and parks in Lahore to visit. Some places are best places to visit with family also.

It is said “Lahore Lahore Ay” so everyone wants to have picnic plan of this city. There are a lot of fun places for all age groups. Specially there is great attraction for the teen age group. Lahore is the heart of Pakistan and the capital of Punjab. People from all over the country come here for enjoyment. I am sharing top 12 best picnic points / places in Lahore.

Lahore Zoo

places to visit in Lahore

Lahore Zoo

This is situated on Mall Road in front of Wapda House. This is really great fun point specially for the children. All kinds of animals and birds have been kept in Zoo. Mostly families like to visit Zoo because this is the best place for the amazement of children. There is also an elephant for riding. Vehicles are not allowed in the Zoo.

Jinah Garden

Jinnah Garden

This is actually historical garden on the name of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah. This garden is really worth seeing. There are thousands of different kinds of plants and trees in this garden. This is also situated on Mall Road near Lahore Zoo. People come in this garden for different objectives like, morning walk (plenty of fresh air thats good for health), picnic point, family picnic point. There is special track for morning walk. Vehicles are not allowed in garden.

Race Course Park

Race Course Park

Race course is situated on Jail Road. It has number of grassy grounds with less number of plants so people mostly come here in the evening in summer season to avoid sun. There is one little canal and one water fall. It have also entertainment equipment for the children like sliders. Its also good for families. Vehicles are not allowed in Park.

Jallo Park


Its wide area like jungle with plenty of plants, flowers, trees and grassy plats. It has all for children entertainment like boating, sliding. It has one train to visit the park. There are animals, birds and one snake house. Entry in Jallo Park is free and vehicles are allowed to visit this park. Its good for families also but not on off days like Sunday. People don’t like to stay in Park after the sunset.

Safari Park

Safari Park Lahore

Park is famous for unique style of animals living. Lions are free and open in wide area cage. People enter in this cage while sitting in car and exit from the other way. This is somehow dangerous, you need to be  very careful because your car is in the crowd of 8 to 10 lions in that area. To open the car window means to put your life at risk. There is also good entertainment for the children in this park. Its situated at 13 KM from Thokar Niaz Baig on Raiwind Road Lahore so its not good for the people those don’t have vehicles.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park

Its situated near Punjab University. It has grassy plats with less number of plants. People mostly visit it in second half of the day. It has lake where boating is hobby of almost every other person. you can find stalls of different foods here. There is also separate arrangement for the entertainment of children.  This park is also very good for the families.

Ajaib Ghar (Museum)

Lahore Museum (Ajaib Ghar)

Good for people, interested in watching historical things, life styles, pots, clothes and many more things. If you are interested to know all about the ancient people this is the best place for you. Amazing collection of historical mass is available here. This is really a wonder world and worth seeing. Surely you will forget the world outside it after entering in Ajaib Ghar. Its situated on front of Punjab University Old Campus on Mall Road near Lahore Zoo.

Badshahi Qila and Mosque

Baad Shahi Qila

Baad Shahi Mosque

Most famous and historical place in Lahore, best for picnic. Badshahi qila was made by Mughal Emperor Akbar and Badshahi mosque was built by Orangzaib Alamgeer. Qila and Mosque both are worth seeing, best place to see the dignity of Islam and islamic building style. Sheesh mahal in also very popular place in Qila.

Please don’t forget to see the “Moqaddesaat” in Badshahi mosque. No words to say about those Moqaddesaat. Recite Darood-e-pak and see Muhammad PBUH’s Asa mubarak, Bistar Mubarik, Nalain-e-pak and many other holy things (Muqaddasaat).

 Shalamar Garden

Shalamar Garden Lahore

The garden was built by emperor Shah Jahan. Its situated on G.T (Grand Trunk) Road Lahore. Mostly the people from local community come here to enjoy. Garden is nice model of best construction style, it has grassy plots on both sides of fountains and foot paths and during summer it looks very very beautiful in the evening. families also come here but in on days.



Nice mixture of Mughal art and modern architecture. Menar-e-pakistan is monumental minaret in Iqbal park in front of Badshahi Mosque. Its said that total cost to built this Minaret was Rs.500,000 only. Its surrounding is over crowed due to Lahore main Bus stand Lari Adda. People from all over the country come to see this 203 feet tall Manar-e-Pakistan having love in their hearts for their homeland.

Sozo Water Park


If you have plan to take bath in swimming pools this is the best place for you and your friends. There is also saperate arrangment for ladies. sozo water park is situated near Jallo park so you can also plan to visit both place in one trip. Both places are on main Canal Bank of Lahore.

Jahangir Tomb

Jahangir Tomb

Jahangir tomb was built by Noor Jahan the wife of emperor Jahagir. Its situated on Ravi River near Shahdra Lahore. Its also good picnic point for families.

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