Jul 28 2014

Mobile Wallpapers – Free Download Mobile Phone Wallpapers

mobile wallpaper apple

you can download these mobile phone wallpaper free. Click on your desired wallpaper to open it larger size. Right click on the wallpaper and download on your computer you can transfer through data cable from your pc to your mobile phone and enjoy. Wallpaper are used to enhance the beauty and livliness of mobile phone …

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Jul 28 2014

Nawaz Sharif Vs Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri


Field Nawaz Sharif Muhammad Tahir UL Qadri Education Graduate from government College Lahore Law Degree from Punjab Law College Formal Classical education till the age of 12 in Madina in Madrasa al Ulum (situated in the house of Sahabi Rasool PBUH Abu Ayub Ansari). First Class Honor Degree from Punjab University Masters in Islamic Studies …

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Jul 27 2014

Latest Kurti Styles

charming kurti

Fashion of girls dresses has changed frequently with the passage of time. some favorite styles of dresses are Kurta, kurti, long shirt, tights, frock etc. Now a days, short kurti is in with tights or slim jeans.   Kurti can be made of any stuff like, banarsi, lawn, Chifoon or even in heavy dress for …

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Jul 27 2014

Israel Attack on Gaza

israel attack gaza

Israel attacked on Gaza for no reason. Israel has 4000 tanks and 300 fighter air crafts but Palestine has nothing for war so its justified that Israel is killing innocent people of Palestine. Its not a war rather its clear cut terrorism of Israel against Islam and Muslims. This is shameful and tragic that all …

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Jul 25 2014

Free Eid Greeting Cards 2014

wallpaper of eid card

After the month of Ramadan (month of Rehmat O Barkat). The Day of Eid is the day of Happiness and the day of Inaam for the Muslims. Every one looks happy at Eid. People wear new dresses and meet with their relatives and friends to make this day more joyful and sweet. Many kind of …

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Jun 29 2014

Islamic Wallpapers Allah

Allah Beautiful

Islamic Wallpapers Allah Beautiful Allah Wallpapers. Allah is written in different beautiful styles in picture gallery. Wallapers Gallery                  

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Jun 22 2014

Samaa News TV Channel Pakistan

Watch Samaa TV Channel Online                  

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Jun 21 2014

Jallo Park Lahore – Picnic Point – Wildlife Park

Beautiful Scene

Jallo Park Lahore – Picnic Point Jallo Park Lahore is very famous picnic point for the people of all age group. It is real entertaining park specially for kids and young. Its is actually, picnic point and a wildlife park also. Its all free, no entery fee and no fee for any activity in this …

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Jun 18 2014

Water Parks in Lahore

Skyland Water Park Gate

Lahore is the capital of Punjab and heart of Pakistan. It has above 6 millions population and unfortunately it has only two water parks. People those want to have fun with water activities have no choice other than these two water parks. Sozo Water Park If you love to fun in water, Sozo Water Park …

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Jun 10 2014

Peel a Garlic in 10 Seconds


To peel a galic is a hectic in kitchen for ladies and its also time taking. Today we are going to amazingly solve your problem of peeling garlic and you will be able to peel a garlic just within 10 seconds. You don’t even need a knife or cutting board. It is new trick that …

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Jun 09 2014

Beauty Tips For Dark Circles Under Eyes

dark-circles under eyes

Dark Circles under eyes is very common problem now a days in ladies as well as in gents. The basic reasons of dark circles are bad food habit, sleeplessness and tension. Dr. Khurram Mushir is dermatologist advises valuable paste to remove dark circles and we are going to share with you how to make that …

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Jun 08 2014

Ramadan Timings 2014 / Ramadan Calender


    Ramadan Timings 2014 (Fiqa Hanfia)  Day Ramdan Date Sehr Iftar Saturday 1 28-06-2014 3:17 7:12 Sunday 2 29-06-2014 3:18 7:11 Monday 3 30-06-2014 3:19 7:10 Tuesday 4 1/7/2014 3:20 7:09 Wednesday 5 2/7/2014 3:21 7:08 Thursday 6 3/7/2014 3:22 7:07 Friday 7 4/7/2014 3:23 7:06 Saturday 8 5/7/2014 3:24 7:05 Sunday 9 6/7/2014 …

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Jun 08 2014

The Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan

Kainjhar Lake

There is a lot of attractive and beautiful places in Pakistan in which lakes, rivers and canals are on the top of the list. Let’s read about the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan today. 1. Banjosa Lake This is an artificial lake and people from all over the world come here to see its beauty. …

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Jun 06 2014

Amazing Car, 2000 Miles in one liter


Francis students made such a car that can travel 2000 miles per liter. Student name Micro Jole has made this car and he is the student of LA Jewelry College of France. In this car, only one person can travel by laying down in car. This car can travel up to 2072 miles in only …

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Jun 06 2014

Living in Gutter Since 20 Years

Chines Woman

China citizen “Kawan Yuge” is living in Gutter since last 20 years. According to Chinese media report, she is living under earth since last 20 years because she is very poor and she has even no money to go back to her motherland. According to report she was living in house that was situated in …

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